Introducing FinPocket Trade

Pakistan’s first digital investment solutions provider for free.

Thematic Investment

Invest in basket of stocks that reflect an idea.

User Friendly Interface

Easy to navigate everywhere and anywhere in application.

Shariah Compliant

Invest accordong to Shariah Complaint

What is FinPocket?

The savings and Investment journey in Pakistan is broken. From finding the best financial products to buying and managing them, the whole cycle is too cumbersome and complex. By leveraging superior technology, data and design we are on a mission to make it extremely simple, fun and intuitive for Pakistani’s to Save and Invest.

Our Products

FinPocket Money

A one-stop solution for Pakistanis to secure their future by investing in Mutual Funds and buying Insurance.

FinPocket Stocks

A powerful and simple mobile application for you to Invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. So Dont Delay, Invest today.

FinPocket Education

A comprehensive platform for you to learn Finance and take control of your money.

Start investing with FinPocket

With FinPocket, you can invest digitally in a wide range of financial products in Pakistan including Stocks and Mutual Funds. FinPocket can also recommend tailored portfolios based on your investment goals and risk appetite. So Don’t Delay, Invest Today!