FinPocket is a stock investing app where you can analyze, invest and trade in stocks of public listed companies at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Get access to real-time data on the companies as well as in depth stock performance and news.

Yes, FinPocket is a registered & legal entity with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Our company incorporation certification is 0123413

Fortune Securities Limited is an authorized and regulated by Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan to conduct securities & brokerage business in Pakistan. Its Trading Right Entiilement Certificate (TREC) number is 046.

FinPocket & Fortune Securities Limited has partnered together to provide you the best investment and trading experience in Pakistan. Your trading account will be opened via Fortune Securities Limited and your trades will be executed via them as well.

Our services can be availed from anywhere in Pakistan at anytime. Our Head Office is located on the Pakistan’s Wall Street aka II Chundrigar Road, Karachi.

You can trade on PSX through FinPocket from
Monday to Thursday: 9:15AM to 3:15PM
Friday: 9:15AM to 12PM & 2:30PM to 4:30PM
Market remain close on Public Holidays.
Note: You can demo trade on FinPocket 24/7

You can start learning through demo trading from our app. Furthermore, you can go through our website, YouTube, Social Media pages and keep an eye out on our emails to know more about how to trade and invest.

Demo Trading is a simulation of real trading. You will receive artificial money in your demo account, which you can use to learn to trade. You can create your portfolio and see your gain & losses in the demo account.
Note: Gain & Losses in the demo account are not your real gain or profit. It is just for your learning purpose.

Once you are comfortable, you can open you real trading account from FinPocket app. You will required to provide you CNIC, Bank & Income details for verification. Once your real account is open, you can start investing or trading from the app.

FinPocket doesn’t have account opening charges, and it is entirely free. However, CDC & NCCPL charges PKR 600 for verification and annual fee.

CDC is a licensed entity by SECP and the custodian of Pakistan’s capital market. CDC maintains & holds the records of your shares in sub-account. CDC ensures that no one can run away with your shares or investment.
You will receive notification of shares moving from your CDC account after NCCPL settles your trade.

NCCPL is regulated by the Government of Pakistan to ensure all the trades in PSX have settled automatically. NCCPL ensures that you receive shares or money whenever you execute the trade.
Note: It takes 2 working days to settle your trade.

FinPocket charges lowest commission in the entire market. We charge 0.15% of traded value or 0.03 pasia per share whichever is higher.
For Example:
Shares Price: 100
Shares Quantity: 10
Traded Value: PKR 1,000
Commission at 0.15%: 1000*0.15% = PKR 1.5
Commission at 0.03 paisa = 10*0.03 = PKR 0.3
In this case, you will be charged PKR 1.5 as a commission.

Yes, there is WHT charges on the commission. The tax rate applicable at the moment is 13% of the commission amount.
For example:
Commission amount: PKR 1.5
WHT Tax: PKR 1.5 x 13% = 0.20
Total Trade Charges: 1.70

FinPocket has no minimum investment requirement. You can start investing as low as PKR 100 a month.

Once your account is open, you can deposit money from your bank account via cheque deposit or online fund transfer to Fortune Securities Limited Client Account. Once you deposit the money, send us a photo or screenshot of the deposit, and we will top up your trading account.
Note: We don’t accept cash deposit

Once you sell your shares and your trade is settled by NCCPL, i.e., after T+2, you can request a withdrawal via our app. After clearing all your outstanding dues (if any), the money will be deposit in your bank account.

Capital Gain Tax is the tax that is applied to the profit that you made by buying and selling shares during a financial year. The current year’s CGT rate is 12.5% on

When a company distributes its cash among its shareholders, it is called dividends. In Pakistan, shareholders receive the cash dividends directly in their bank

Yes, when closing your account, you will have to pay PKR 500 as an account closing fee.