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Uncertainty at PSX and SBP Policy Hike

FinPocket Pulse | Nov 28, 2021
This week, the market lost 2,375 points to close at 44,114 points. The market went into free fall because of the Policy Rate hike by SBP, widening of the current account deficit to an alarming level, and ...

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Uncertainty at PSX and SBP Policy Hike

FinPocket Pulse | Nov 21, 2021
This week, the market gained 740 points to close at 46,489 points. The market became uncertain later in the week when SBP called an early meeting of monetary policy and the government agreed to pay PKR 190bn to Independent Power Producer...

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Negativity takes over the PSX

FinPocket Pulse | Nov 14, 2021
This week, the market fell down by 1,547 points to close at 45,749 points. This week was full of negative triggers that sent investors on the back foot. The delay in the resumption of the IMF Programme, lower than expected weightage in the MSCI frontier market...

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Falling coal prices & positive triggers made investors happy

FinPocket Pulse | Nov 07, 2021
This week, the market witnessed a bull run, and the index increased by 1,111 points to close at 47,296 points. On the political front, the Government bowed down and reached an agreement with TLP. On the economic front...

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Saudi aid and corporate results saves the day

FinPocket Pulse | Oct 31, 2021
This week, the market witnessed V shape recovery as Saudi Arabia committed a USD 4.2 bn support package to Pakistan. This week index increased by 641 points to close at 46,219 points. Trading during the week got disrupted...

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Market recovery overshadowed by uncertainty

FinPocket Pulse | Oct 24, 2021
This week, the market continued its upward trend as oil & coal prices started decreasing in the international market. This week index increased by 756 points to close at 45,578 points. However, on Friday index fell by 243 points due to....

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Market recovery and energy crisis deepens

FinPocket Pulse | Oct 17, 2021
After weeks of the downward trend on the KSE100 index, it made a comeback on Thursday, and the index gained 1,112 points. This week index increased by 345 points to close at 44,822. The possibility of successful negotiation with IMF...

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Playing out fear at PSX

InvestKaar | Oct 12, 2021
KSE100 has been falling for the past two weeks now – So what better time to write up on fear and understanding how to play it?
If I have to think like a scientist and dissect what’s going in a person’s mind why the market is coming down, I am sure to find the following stream of thoughts running in the mind of everyone

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Oil & Gas Exploration; An analysts’ honest pitch to foreign fund managers

InvestKaar | Oct 9, 2021
Since all of you liked our recent thread on banks, we thought to try something similar for the oil and gas exploration sector. After all....

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Market volatility & political uncertainty

FinPocket Pulse | Oct 07, 2021

This week KSE100 index lost 202 points to close at 44,871 points. The market remained volatile throughout the week due to commodity prices, including oil & coal prices reaching...

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How to start investing young?

InvestKaar | Sep 30, 2021
I don’t blame the youth completely – back when I was in my 20s, I hardly ever thought about managing personal finances and investing. While I was being taught financial concepts and the time value of money in my graduating years no one really emphasized the NEED to invest.

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Pakistan’s cyclical stocks might be in trouble!

InvestKaar | Sep 23, 2021
Oil up, gas up, coal up, steel scrap up, food commodities up, global transportation prices up, chip shortages amid no foreign investment inflows. And all of this is happening when Pakistan can least afford it.....

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Market Crashed & SPACs

FinPocket Pulse | Sep 22, 2021
So far this week KSE100 index lost 1038 points to close at 45,597 points. On Wednesday, the KSE100 index crashed 1220 points due to investors delayed response to the monetary policy, foreign & institutional clients selling stocks, and security concerns afters New Zealand & England cricket teams canceled their tour...

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Market achi lagti hai? – Do you trade the market or stocks?

InvestKaar | Sep 21, 2021
Open up any Facebook/WhatsApp group that relates to stock investing and you will find people giving you the famous...

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Why penny stocks are rallying now?

InvestKaar | Sep 14, 2021
Penny stocks or low cap stocks that are generally priced between Rs10-20/sh, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These stocks generate a lot of interest due to their ability to turn small sums into large gains. As investors, we all have been...

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Fresh Look & Record Breaking IPO at PSX

FinPocket Pulse | Sep 13, 2021
This week KSE100 index gained 241 points to close at 47,198 points. The market remained volatile this week due to the political situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan being re-classified as a frontier market.

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Commercial Banks: Cheap getting cheaper

InvestKaar | Sep 07, 2021
It looks like foreign fund managers have discarded Pakistan for equity investments. They have been sellers in stocks since 2017 now- 5yrs of consecutive selling! Commercial banks are amongst the most sold...

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